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Welcome back guys!😎

I am so happy to have yet another occasion to share my favorite spot.

But first, I will share with you a post-easter tradition…🐰🌷Every year, I gather all the chocolate leftovers and melt them into a chocolate fondue with my favorite seasonal fruits and have a feast. I promised you no waste! Especially not chocolate… it would be a crime.🍓🍌🍏🍫

My name is Shay and I am the marketing coordinator here at FlipNpik. I love discovering new places and supporting local businesses. I decided to share my number one spot of the month with you so you can discover my most memorable and epic experience.

Last month, I had hoped my next number one dining experience would be out and about on a terrace. I am sad to report it was not. Considering the awful weather we’ve been having it’s safe to say it’s better that way.☔ That being said… I am absolutely ecstatic to present April’s best spot. I’m calling out to all the brunch lovers out there because this month’s restaurant will have them flipping out!🥐☕🥑🍓 Also, before I say anything else I would just like to mention how instagramable this place was!

So let’s get into it! Welcome to Shay’s fav spot of the month!

As I just had mentioned, this restaurant called La Bête à pain is the perfect place for a trendy vibe, delicious food, and great mimosas on a Sunday morning. Although there are many locations, the one I went to was in Laval.

The decor is immaculate and just so pretty. The food reminded me of a bakery in Paris while the beachy decor and vibes made me think of a trendy spot in LA. If both places were to have a baby it would definitely be La Bête à Pain. Ouh la la!

You can either stop by for croissants and a baguette or try the dining experience on weekends from 9h to 14h30 as we did. The food was delicious and the marriage between all the flavors was definitely a match made in heaven. My favorite menu item was the veal and pistachio sausage served with a side of buttered cabbage and onion and mustard compote. It was so savory and melted in my mouth.🤤

⬆️ Veal and pistachio sausage

Have you guys ever had savory pancakes?🥞 For me, it was my first time and I loved it! We ordered the buttermilk pancakes served with labneh (thick sour cheese like yogourt), topped with fattoush salad (fresh Lebanese salad flavored with sumac and mint). What a discovery! I was always used to having my pancakes with chocolate and fruit, but let me tell you the fluffiness of those pancakes can be enjoyed salty or sweet.

⬆️ Buttermilk crêpes ⬆️ French toast of the moment

To fulfill our sweet tooth, we ordered a sweeter dish. We went with the French toast of the moment, which was big chunks of French toast accompanied by roasted bananas, pieces of dried dates, mascarpone and vanilla creme and crumble. Three words : To die for. It was incredible.😍

I would absolutely recommend this place for breakfast with your significant other, a coffee and pastry date with your bestie or even a family Sunday brunch scene. Any reason to visit this restaurant is valid. The prices are super affordable and the food is surprisingly filling. If I were to bring someone on a first date or throw a birthday brunch it would be there without a doubt.🥂

This is what concludes April's blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. I leave you guys with this picture I took of my macchiato in the cutest cup I've ever seen! I will also make you a promise for next month. Whether it’s pouring rain or spiders (apparently it’s a real thing), I will reveal my favorite terrace spot! Let’s now all pray for more sunny days during the month of may.

Ciao guys!

See you next month!

My stomach is very excited! I hope yours is too.


Forever #buylocal

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