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Ambassador of the month : Discover the adventurous foodie that is Alex!

Updated: Jun 6

FlipNpik's strenght goes through it's ambassadors, who all have a different profile but who are all committed to discovering and helping you discover their favorite local addresses!

Here is Alex!

@alexfoodi is a specialist when it comes to eating and tasting new things. He is the "foodie" by excellence that you must follow to know all the trendy places. In addition to loving food, he is a fan of local businesses, which has earned him the title of ambassador of the month for May. He is funny, passionate and will captivate you with his experiences. So we asked him a few questions to get to know him better and discover his favorite places.


Describe yourself in a few words

I'm Alex, I'm 27 and I like to walk around the city, looking for new gourmet addresses. I am a person who likes to discover the unknown and try new things. I am a big dreamer and lover of travel, I'm always thinking about my next adventure, whether it's here in Quebec or abroad.

Which expression represents you the most?

I have no idea, but I often use the word "tse".

Do you rather pictures or videos?

I really like taking vlog-style videos, but I take photos most of the time. 📷

Alex, our ambassador of the month ⬆️

What is the most original meal you've had?

Octopus tentacles that were still alive on Jeju Island in South Korea. It was really wild.🐙

What is your favorite secret spot? What is your guilty pleasure?

There are several, but I really like The Kouign Amann at Patrice Pâtisserie.🥧

the café Nous Sommes!☕

What is your favorite winter activity ?

Skiing and ending the day at the chalet with a good hot chocolate and a poutine. Classic.☺️

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Kitsch À L'Os : a nice address in Hochelaga that I visited two years ago. An exceptional place to find unique objects and gifts.

Where is the fanciest place you have been to?

I have already been to the Club Chasse et Pêche in the Old Port of Montreal thanks to an exceptional foodie, Elise, who had invited us to a wonderful dinner with friends. Otherwise, I would like to try it one day la Maison Boulud, le Mousso, le Joe Beef and whitout forgetting Europea.

What is your favorite drink ?

Simple cocktails like the moscow mule, mojito or rum and coke, nothing too crazy.

What have you eaten the most in the past year?

Cakes, really too much... and it shows physically.🍰🍰🍰

What is your favorite discovery ?

I was taken to try brunch at the boulangerie Fanfare and it was a WOW experience. My favorite discovery of the month of April.

The place that makes you feel like you are traveling ?

Unicone and their ice creams that make you travel!🍦

When you aren't creating content you are...?

I read, garden in the summer or watch Netflix!

Where was the best spa experience you've had?

Strom spa in Québec.

To conclude, do you want to add anything ?

Take full advantage of the opportunities that come to you, make decisions and seize the moment!

Thank you so much for being part of our FlipNpik family

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