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Ambassador of the month: Discover what drives Marine

FlipNpik's strenght goes through it's ambassadors, who all have a different profile but who are all committed to discovering and helping you discover their favorite local addresses!

Here is Marine!

@marinerssl is a french native that has a huge love for the province of Quebec. The food, the culture and the people resonate with her. Not only is she an incredible person but she is also a local expert. She loves to wine and dine which make her a real trendsetter and quite the foodie . We love Marine for her participation in our big family of ambassadors, her contagious smile and for her genuine personality. So we asked her a few questions to get to know her better and discover her favorite places.


Describe yourself in a few words

I'm always up for new adventures and I'm constantly looking for something new! I like discovering the world around me and sharing moments with my loved ones! And ... I also talk too much so three sentences to describe me is not enough!😅

Which expression represents you the most?

You only live once! A bit of a cliché... but on a daily basis, it's the phrase I keep repeating to myself!

Do you rather pictures or videos?

Impossible to choose! I alternate constantly between one and the other, I think that certain moments/emotions deserve to be captured in photos and others in videos🙂

Marine, our ambassador of the month⬆️

What is the most original food you've had?

Insects during a trip to Hong Kong... It was an experience... but I prefer ice cream much more!😝

What is your favorite summer activity?

The Cine Park because I love spending summer evenings with friends watching a good movie and I particularly like the atmosphere when the sun goes down!🎬

What is your favorite secret spot? What is your guilty pleasure?

Without hesitation Milky Way! A colorful The chocolates of Lecavelier Petrone ... The place full of good vibes!🍍🌴 box never lasts very long.🍫

The place that makes you feel like a kid again?

Definitely the creamery Boboule!🍦🍦🍦

Where is the fanciest place you have been to?

Caifan in Beaubien... A delicious Mexican restaurant! The chef is passionate about what he does and it shows on the plate... A real treat!🤤

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Does Renaissance count? All my friends know this is my favorite store! I love looking around and searching for beautiful pieces for hours. I particularly like the adrenaline you feel when you discover the rare finds!

What is your favorite discovery?

Ice cream and cream puffs from Alice & Théo! A real favorite of mine❤️

What is your favorite drink?

Do I really have to choose? I would say it depends on my mood... After a hard day it's Gin & Tonic, after good news it's Pina Colada and then to dance the night away it's Espresso Martini!🍸🍹🍸

The place that makes you feel like you are traveling?

At Kazu restaurant! I love this place! The atmosphere, the smells, the decor, the flavors... it's all there!🍜

What have you eaten the most in the past year?

Poutine! I discovered this dish when I arrived in Quebec a year ago and .... I can't live without it! Special mention for the one from Orange Julep.🍊

When you aren't creating content you are...?

I am eating, I am drinking cocktails or I am exploring Canada in a van🚎

Where was the best hotel experience you've had?

At Polar Bear Spa! A sublime and relaxing place in the middle of nature.🌿🌲

To conclude, do you want to add anything?

I met some very nice people and I discovered great addresses thanks to FlipNpik throughout this year! So thank you for welcoming me into this big family.🙂

Thank you so much for being part of our FlipNpik family.

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