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Ambassador of the month: Discover what Hermine is really passionate about!

Updated: Mar 17

FlipNpik's strenght goes through it's ambassadors, who all have a different profile but who are all committed to discovering and helping you discover their favorite local addresses!

Here is Hermine!

@Cherry_in_montreal is a great fan of photography and local discoveries. She is an expert when it comes to talking about local businesses. The content she creates is as inspiring as her. So we asked her a few questions to get to know her better and discover her favorite spots.


Describe yourself in a few words

I am a joyful and curious person, I like to discover new places and try new things. I like when my days are different and I'm always planning activities, dining out or planning weekends with my friends.

Which expression represents you the most?

Nothing is more serious than pleasure by Jean Cocteau.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I can eat ice cream even when it's -15 outside!

Do you rather pictures or videos?

It is a difficult choice but I rather photography. I think that conveying an emotion through a fixed image is something very beautiful.

Hermine,our ambassador of the month ⬆️

What is your favorite secret spot?

Bar Mamie is one of my favorite addresses. A perfect place for an aperitif with good products.

What is your favorite winter activity?

For me, it's winter hiking. You can discover magnificent viewpoints but it is also very soothing. Winter and snow, nature is incredible, sometimes you might think you're in a movie set.

The place that makes you feel like you are traveling ?

PAI restaurant in Toronto. I feel like I'm in Thailand with every bite!

The best Pad thai ⬆️

Where was the best hotel experience you've been to?

It was at the Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec. It's a beautiful place in the center of Old Quebec, the rooms are sublime and we had a great experience dining on our room's terrace under a heated greenhouse under the stars!

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I like going to ArtPop, it's a store where Quebec artists are showcased. It's like a stationery store with candles or clothes.

What is your guilty pleasure?

In Montreal, I have two guilty pleasures..Oops! The first are the "canelés" from Le Canelé Montréalais, my favorites are the chocolate ones, they are really delicious! My other guilty pleasure are the churros from Mignon Churros & Nougat, with the Nutella sauce.

The chocolate canelé ⬆️

What have you eaten the most in 2021 ?

I believe it's pasta. I eat it in all it's possible forms. My favorite recipe is with homemade bolognese sauce.

The place that makes you feel like a kid again?

I think it's when I visit a bakery, in particular at the Ô Petit Paris bakery. The amazing smell of fresh bread and pastries reminds me of school breaks when I would go to get my lunch. A real bakery jusr like I like them; with a good French baguette, gourmet pastries and a warm welcome.

When you aren't creating content you are...?

I walk a lot, I like to get lost in my own city and discover pretty murals for example. Otherwise, I spend time with my friends over a good meal. Before COVID, I traveled a lot and I can't wait to be able to continue discovering Canada and even the whole world.

What is your favorite discovery ?

Maison des Pâtes fraîches on Rachel street, I find their pizzas so delicious and the ingredients are fresh.

What is your favorite drink ?

Cider, I really like ciders from Quebec, my favorite is Cidre Milton.

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