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Ambassador of the month : Discover who really is Valentin!

FlipNpik's strenght goes through it's ambassadors, who all have a different profile but who are all committed to discovering and helping you discover their favorite local addresses!

Here is Valentin!

Valchss14 deserves the title of ambassador of the month because his love for local spots makes him stand out. He is always present and ready to try new things. So we asked him a few questions to get to know him better and discover his favorite spots.


Describe yourself in a few words

I would say that I am someone who lives in the moment and who likes to discover new things. I need things to move around, to do something all the time and I have a certain hate for routines.

Which expression represents you the most?

Life is just a game

Do you rather pictures or videos?

I'm more of a video person because in my opinion, you can capture more emotions and it's more natural.

Valentin, our ambassador of the month⬆️

What is the craziest item you have eaten?

I would say at the Magic Molecule in Ottawa where I had eaten “Dragon’s Breath”. It is a very cold dessert; kind of like Cheetos but cooled with liquid nitrogen. Every time I ate one, there was a lot of smoke coming out of my mouth. It really has to be tried. Otherwise, I also really liked the concept of Labothery in Brossard where you could personalize your own bubble tea.

What is your favorite winter activity?

By far downhill skiing because of the adrenaline but also for the views of the landscapes.

The most gourmet spot you have visited?

In Canada, I would say the SARA restaurant in Toronto. The dishes were truly exceptional with original flavors that went very well together.

The place that makes you feel like you are traveling ?

Lan Zhou noodles in Chinatown. In addition to the fact that it's very good, you really feel in another universe.

What have you eaten the most in 2021 ?

I think it's pasta. It is one of the dishes on earth that has the most variations possible. The "variants" that I prefer are: Penne, Crème Fraîche, Mushrooms, Chicken, a little onion and a lot of Parmesan or Linguine, Pesto Rosso, Ricotta, Parmesan and Capicollo.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I have 3 that I love.

Salty: raclette (as a French from France, it's not very original I admit).

Sweet: Haribo Smurf candies and Twix. But otherwise, I am a big fan of Mr.Puffs and also of pecan pie.

The place that makes you feel like a kid again?

Large cinemas such as Guzzo cinemas. In my childhood, I often went to large cinema complexes with my whole family. I loved the atmosphere, whether it was the many choices of films, the arcades, the smell of popcorn, the big halls… When I grew up, I lived in big cities more where the cineamas were smaller and the atmosphere was really not the same. Since I've been in Montreal, I find this kind of large cinema that brings back good memories.

When you aren't creating content you are...?

Excluding COVID restrictions, I would do a lot of sports (indoor football and tennis), I often went to restaurants and to the cinema. In the current context and having arrived fairly recently in Canada, I spend most of my free time researching and discovering new spots across Quebec. I also recently started playing the piano... but for now it's a disaster haha 😂

The best experienced you had at a hôtel and spa ?

It was at the Auberge Lac Taureau. It really is a perfect spot to get away from it all thanks to the calm of the place, the landscapes, the swimming pools, the jacuzzis and the activities (dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, etc.). It was really a big hit.

What is your favorite discovery ?

The French restaurant Plein Sud. The dishes are always really good and there is so much variety.

To conclude, do you want to add anything ?

I can't wait for everything to reopen soon because I haven't had the chance to see a normal version of Montreal yet. Also, make the most of every moment!

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