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Discover our Vancouver ambassador Shershersheren !

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The strength of FlipNpik is powered by ambassadors, who all have different profiles but same mission to discover and share with the community their favorite local addresses! Sheren is one of our most active ambassadors. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better and discover her favorites places💙

Describe yourself in few sentences.

Bonjour tout le monde! :) This is Sheren, living in Vancouver right now. I love visiting local cafes and travelling around. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Je parle un peu Français... (Oui, je apprendre le français maintenant, c'est difficile! >< )

If you were an expression you would be?

Carpe diem - Seize the day because you only live once.

Your favorite picture on your FlipNpik profile?

Queen Elizabeth Park~ That day weather was super nice, I captured with the dawn and it was super romantic~ ♡

Queen Elizabeth Park
Queen Elizabeth Park

The craziest thing you've eaten?

Jam Cafe brunch! Their brunch are HUGE! And they are super delicious! That mesmerize me!

What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?

Minoru Park at Richmond. That day I went there and the photo I took looks like I was in the fairy land...♥

Minoru Park
Minoru Park

The most original ice cream flavor you've eaten?

Definitely London Fog flavor! I never heard about this flavor until I came to Vancouver. It's Earl Grey Tea flavor which is most ordinary and classic flavor here.

London Fog flavor - Rain or Shine Ice Cream
London Fog flavor - Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Where are you going for a first date?

Parks in Vancouver! They are all perfect for date...

Are you more video or photo? And why ?

It's really hard to choose because I cannot live without both! Photo can only capture the most precious moment and freeze motion, they are perfect for edit and color tune. While video can always show the reality which I like to film my travelling experience or my vlog.

What do you like to eat for lunch?

I like going to Jam Cafe for brunch! Trust me, you will never forget them and please thank me later.

Jam Cafe
Jam Cafe

What place are you looking forward to visiting again now that the businesses are open?

Everywhere, especially my favorite cafe, I look forward to dine in :(

The address that makes you feel like you are traveling ?

Marché Mon Pitou! They make me feels like I have traveled to Paris!

Marché Mon Pitou
Marché Mon Pitou

Your secret address?

Le Marché St. George for no doubt. It's my favorite secret place which I don't really want to share to others.

Marché St. George
Marché St. George

Your best discovery in delivery / take out?

Takenaka surprised me! They are food truck selling Japanese food! Their food are amazing!!


When you're not creating content, you ....?

I mostly read or learning something new, I would like to catch the trend and get some ideas from others.

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