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Discovering My Online Groceries Delivered as I Wish.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to an exclusive cooking workshop hosted by FlipNpik & My Online Groceries to celebrate their new collaboration.

I’ve already told you about it several times on my Instagram account – I’m a FlipNpik ambassador, a social media that you’ll enjoy for sure!! If you like to discover new places like me, you’re going to LOVE it! Every time you share your favorite local spots (for eating & drinking, shopping, entertainment or even sleeping), you earn Flip Socials which you can then turn into rewards in the in-app surprise box.

I’ve only recently started using the app and I’ve already been able to take advantage of several offers which are updated constantly! This morning I was able to claim a 25$ credit valid on my next online grocery order. I invite you to claim this offer in the in-app surprise box as soon as possible, because in my opinion, it will go out of stock quickly. What’s great is that big companies like can encourage buying local by giving rewards to the FlipNpik community through the app. Just last month I got a ticket to La Ronde and a monthly Bixi membership (pretty cool, isn’t it?)

Not only do they offer amazing rewards, FlipNpik organizes exclusive events for its ambassadors. As I mentioned earlier, I had the chance to be invited to an exclusive culinary workshop, led by Chef (and FlipNpik Ambassador) Salvatore Armonia. This was a really fun one-of-a-kind experience.

As soon as we seated, Salvatore gave us the menu we were going to cook together. While some took care of the Peruvian dish and others of the Spanish desert, we for our part headed for the Asian entry.

As you probably understood, the menu made us travel; and what I particularly liked was that the Chef managed to create an international getaway for us while favoring local and seasonal products.

You should know that I am pretty clumsy in the kitchen – besides, to be honest, it’s mostly my partner who cooks at home. But, surprisingly, I really got into it during this event which I really liked. I really enjoyed learning new recipes, while getting to know people. It was great to cook together – our Chef Ambassador giving us tips which was really cool, while beginners like me laughed at their own blunders. The ambiance was very friendly. There was no stress or competition. It was a simple moment, just like I love them, and after the last few months without any events, it felt good to share with others.

To end the evening in style, we left with a huge bag filled with local brands including my favorite granola, La Fourmi Bionique, and the ready to eat smoothies Evive that I’ve been wanting to try for years. Thanks again to and FlipNpik for your generosity. Looking forward to the next workshop and if you are interested, you can find out how the whole evening unfolded here (in french only).


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