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Festive french cuisine? 🇫🇷 Oui oui!

Come discover this unique restaurant with me. You won't be disappointed.

Hey friends, welcome back!

Because the end of June is approaching, I thought I would take the time to share with you my favorite cocktails of the season. Fun fact about myself : as some of you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of cocktails and mixology.🍸🍹🍷🍺 I was actually gifted with a professional kit last Christmas and let me tell you, I abused it during Covid times.

That being said, my favorite drinks to quench my thirst so far this summer have been Mojito’s, Gin & Tonic’, Margarita’s but especially one of my creations that I named the Crazy Grapefruit.🍊 It’s basically a gin based drink mixed with grapefruit juice, grapefruit simple syrup, sprite and garnished with mint or basil leaves. I swear, you guy’s would love it on a hot summer day!☀️

My name is Shay and I am the marketing coordinator here at FlipNpik. I love discovering new places and supporting local businesses. I decided to share my number one spot of the month with you so you can discover my most memorable and epic experience.

For those who follow my adventures, you will know that I gave myself the challenge to order dessert after my meal for this month’s discovery. I am so sorry to disappoint, but I couldn't… I was literally too full for any other bite, even a chocolatey one.🙁 Maybe next time I will surprise you. Although I may have failed my challenge, this month’s spot will definitely be on your list this summer.

So let’s get into it! Welcome to Shay’s fav spot of the month!

This place is called Le Xavier. While spending an evening in Old Terrebonne, we stumbled across this beautiful restaurant and couldn't resist going inside. Opened for only two years, it is brand new and the concept is incredible. The decor is tasteful and a little somber. The bar is made of old books and you can notice the old decor and paintings on the walls. Everything was impressive, but the theme gave the restaurant all its personality. Perfect for a date night vibe.

The cuisine is very high end and the ingredients are just so fresh. The menu is mostly classic French food, but they manage to make it very contemporary and fusion. They can change the menu many times a week depending on the different produce that is in season or the chef’s inspiration. One thing is for sure, you can definitely taste the chef’s passion in every bite.

We started the evening with of course a bottle of white wine and the grilled brioche bread served with garlic flower butter. It was the perfect little appetizer to start with. We then ordered the chicken croquette with bearnaise sauce. It was such a good choice! The combination of flavors was just amazing. You could taste all the different components,

⬆️Chicken Croquettes especially the cheddar and the tarragon.

Next, we followed it up with the salmon gravlax🐟 and the French fries🍟. The gravlax was just pure happiness to me. It was the perfect balance between cooked and raw fish which made it melt in your mouth while still getting every bit of flavor. It was so pretty and served with green peas. We also enjoyed the massive fries. They were made with Yukon potatoes so they were very thick cut and sprinkled with maple syrup sugar. The combination of the fries with the garlic mayo was an explosion of flavors. I didn't think fries could be that inventive!

⬆️Salmon Gravlax & French Fries ⬆️Chicken Cornouailles

For the last course of the night, we had the Chicken Cornouailles. A traditional French dish 🇫🇷, a must! The only word that comes to mind when thinking back is rich. The chicken was served on a bed of cavatelli pasta with a black garlic and ricotta sauce, morels and green peas. This whole dish was a piece of art for the eyes, the nose and the mouth. The sauce was so creamy and earthy. The mushrooms were an amazing discovery and quite the touch🍄

This place made us feel like we were eating like royalty while having a festive night👑 If you choose to follow my advice and go, let it be expected that this place might bewitch you with its vibes and the cuisine. This is all for June's article, but I will get back to you soon with the next amazing spot you won’t be able to resist.

See you next month!

My stomach is very excited! I hope yours is too.


Forever #buylocal

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