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It's that time of the year again... TERRACE TIME ⛱

Hey guys!🤗

Me again! Same funny gal but as always new monthly discovery.

My fellow readers know I always start with a confession… this time I thought I would start with a fact. Did you know that there are approximately 350 different shapes of pasta that exist? 😳😳 Now that's a lot of shapes!

Guys, I think our prayers have been answered! Last month I had asked you guys to pray for hot sunny days and what did we get? Hot sunny days!🙏☀️ As a result, I was able to go and enjoy this month’s experience on the prettiest terrace. I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

So let’s get into it! Welcome to Shay’s fav spot of the month!

To put you in context, because this was my first experience dining outdoors this season, I was on the lookout for the best terrace out there and I think I found it! We went to Succeda for the first time. It’s an Italian restaurant with the most refreshing drinks, a trendy but intimate ambiance and food that is honestly worth every penny. This restaurant is located in Rosemère, a town forty minutes away from Montreal. Even if you are from the city, I would definitely recommend the trip to try their food and experience. Enough said about the place, let’s get to the food!

If you are a fan of fresh pasta🍝 (I mean, who isn't?) this place is a must try. Another thing that is great about this restaurant is that in addition to their regular menu they have different special creations of the chef each evening to also choose from.

For the appetizers we had the focaccia bianca, the eggplant parmesan and the truffle burrata. This Italian dream was as good as it sounds, I promise. The focaccia was given to us with a pair of fancy scissors which was a special yet traditional touch. I loved the eggplant parmesan because it was

⬆️ Truffle burrata a modern take on a classic dish. A piece of

eggplant layered with tomato sauce was sitting in the middle of the plate surrounded by a light and liquide parmesan mousse. I was so surprised when I tasted it because the flavors were so accurate, but the plate was so different from what I usually know. Finally, the truffle burrata obviously stole the show. It was decadent, earthy and savoury as it should be.

⬆️ Eggplant parmesan ⬆️ Focaccia bianca

For the main course, we ordered the lasagna al forno and the snow crab pasta. Both dishes were well balanced and the fresh pasta was everything we wanted it to be : soft and fluffy with the perfect al dente bite. The lasagna was hardy and so cheesy. The snow crab pasta had just the right amount of salty and crabby flavors. Safe to say we were in foodie heaven.🤤👼

⬇️ Lasagna al forno

We were evidently too full for dessert, but we did finish the night with a spritzcello cocktail as a digestive.🍹 It’s basically the same thing as an Aperol spritz but instead of using a bitter orange liqueur they switched it up with limoncello. It was like a light, refreshing but boozy lemonade. I am usually a ride or die Aperol spritz fan, but this was so good, you could catch me drinking one of these on any summer day!🌴😎

⬆️ Snow crab pasta

Sadly, this marks the end of today’s blog article.😧 I hope I made your mouth water enough to motivate you to go and visit this restaurant. It’s totally worth it. For the next month, I will give myself a challenge…I will order dessert after the meal, even if I am too full!🍰🍮

Let’s see if I will live up to my words!

See you next month!

My stomach is very excited! I hope yours is too.


Forever #buylocal

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