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Hey guys!😎

I have to admit, my sweet tooth took over today! I am currently having a sugar rush… I was craving the last piece of cheesecake with cherry filling in my fridge all day long. I finally couldn't wait and ate it. So this is a reminder that life is too short to wait for the next piece of cake😊🍰

My name is Shay and I am the marketing coordinator here at FlipNpik. I love discovering new places and supporting local businesses. I decided to share my number one spot of the month with you so you can discover my most memorable and epic experience.

Last month, I had promised to share a secret with you guys…🤫

Well, I have to confess that when I was a little girl I used to eat so much I would make myself sick. I know TMI haha, but this proves that I am an expert at eating and that I never miss an opportunity to try something new! I would also like to add that I absolutely HATE food waste. You can count on me to finish your last bite when you are too full or to never leave a lonely frie. Now you know!😅

So let’s get into it! Welcome to Shay’s fav spot of the month!

If you love Indian food like I do, this month’s spot will have you drooling🤤 I promise, I won’t disappoint you. To put you in context, I had been craving Indian food since the beginning of fall. I kept asking my boyfriend to go to an Indian restaurant for the past six months! I know… That must have been annoying haha!🙄 So to celebrate our third year together, we tried Le 409, a trendy spot with delicious authentic Indian food and quite the ambiance.

Kiss my lucky cocktail ⬇

I started the night off with a bright green cocktail in honor of Saint-Patrick’s day. It was perfectly spicy because of the jalapeno pepper, but yet still very refreshing.🌶🍹 Just how I like my cocktails! We then started with the chana samosa and the onion bhajees and let me tell you.. It looked so good I forgot to take a picture for you guys..! I just went for it and dug in! Oops!🤭

For the main course, we had the lamb roganjosh which is a lamb dish with a curry, mint, yogurt sauce and of course the butter chicken; our favorite. All of the dishes were fragrant and had the perfect amount of spice and flavor. In my opinion, the best part is the sauces! I could lick every drop of it, especially with the soft, fresh naan bread they serve. I could rave about this meal for hours, but I will spare you and instead encourage you to go yourself😍😍

Butter Chicken ⬆ Lamb Roganjosh ⬆

The actual place is absolutely beautiful; the decor was fancy and modern but they integrated an Indian flair by adding classy paintings inspired by Bollywood. The bar was spectacular and took up half the restaurant! A mixologist and bartender’s dream!

Oh! And if you like beer, you have to check out all the choices they have. Because it is an Indian pub, they have many options to please every palate.🍻👅

This is all for today folks, I hope I convinced you guys to try this amazing spot. I can’t wait to meet you back here next month for another discovery!👋 Let’s hope the next experience will be out on a terrace!🏖 You will have to wait and see.

My stomach is very excited! I hope yours is too.

See you next month!


Forever #buylocal

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